WFM 6204: Hydrologic Statistics

1. Instructor:

Akm Saiful Islam
Lecturer, IWFM, BUET
Phone: 880-2-9664640 Ext 7506

2. Class Hours:

Regular Class:  Tuesday 3:00-4:20p.m.

Make-up Class: Saturday 10:00-11:00a.m.

3. Office Hours:

  Tuesday 2:30-3:00p.m.

4. Course Content:

Characteristics of hydrologic data; Probability and statistics; Probabilistic analysis; Multiple regression and correlation; Regional analysis; Analysis of hydrologic time series; Stochastic models; Sequential generation of hydrologic information; Statistical decisions.

5. Grading Policy:

Attendance         = 10% 
Assignments      = 20%
Mid Term Exam = 30%
Final Exam         = 40%   

6. Syllabus (Part-1):


Class Presentations

Syllabus Syllabus
Introduction to Hydrologic Statistics Lecture-1
Probability and statistics   Lecture-2
Probability Distributions and Their Applications Lecture-3



Extreme Value theory and Frequency Analysis  
Multiple regression and correlation  
Regional Analysis  


7. Reference Books:

1. Haan C.T. (1977) Statistical Methods in Hydrology
           The Iowa State University Press, Ames.

2. Warren Viessman and Gary Lewis (2003) Introduction to Hydrology
           Prentice Hall.

3. Lecture Notes on Statistics and Probability for Master in Risk Analysis and Management, Prepared by- Dr. M. Shahjahan Mondal

Chapter-1: Introduction to Statistics
Chapter-2: Probability concepts
Chapter-3:Properties of Random Variables
Chapter-4:Probability Distributions and Their Applications
Chapter-5:Extreme Value Theory (EVT) and Frequency Analysis
Chapter-8:Correlation and Regression

Last Updated: January 22, 2007