WFM 6103: Hydrologic Information System:

1. Instructor:

Akm Saiful Islam
Lecturer, IWFM, BUET
Phone: 880-2-9664640 Ext 7506

2. Class Hours:


3. Office Hours:


4. Course Content:

Introduction to hydrologic information system; Importance and advancement of hydrologic science; Hydrologic data: source, classification, acquisition; Hydrologic metadata; Hydrologic Information database; Analysis and visualization of data; Sharing and retrieval of hydrologic information through Web; Application of hydrologic information system for water resources management.

5. Grading Policy:

Mid Term Exam = 30%    Final Exam = 40%    Assignments & Attendance = 10%    Mini Project = 20%

6. Syllabus:



(will be posted soon)

Introduction to Hydrologic Information System (HIS)
  1. Introduction
  2. Background and user needs
  3. Importance of HIS
Advancement of hydrologic science
  1. Information technology
  2. Current advancement of hydrologic science
  3. HIS for Bangladesh � National Water Resources Database (NWRD)
Hydrologic data: source, classification, acquisition
  1. Types of hydrologic data
  2. Data acquisition practices
  3. Problems for hydrologic data acquisition and heterogeneous data formats
Hydrologic metadata
  1. Introduction to metadata
  2. Needs of creating metadata
  3. Metadata Standards
  4. ISO 19115:2003 Geographic information � metadata and Dublin core metadata standards
  5. Metadata cross walk and interoperability
  6. Metadata development tools and application programming interface (API)

Mid term Exam
    - Syllabus (Lecture 1 to Lecture 8)

Hydrologic information database
  1. Introduction to database and SQL
  2. Types of database management system- relational, object and native XML databases.
  3. Oracle, MySQL, Ms Access databases
  4. Selection of databases for different applications
Analysis and visualization of data
  1. Statistical Analysis
  2. Data mining and knowledge discovery
  3. Visualization tools and API
Sharing and retrieval of hydrologic information through Web
  1. Benefits of using web for HIS
  2. Problems of sharing and retrieval of hydrologic information
  3. Ontology and Semantic Web
  4. Web Ontology Language (OWL)
  5. Markup languages � Hydrologic markup languages
Application of hydrologic information system for water resources management
  1. Importance to water resources management (WRM)
  2. Applications of HIS for WRM
Future trends and challenges of the hydrologic science
  1. Future trends of HIS
  2. Challenges and imminent steps of HIS for Bangladesh
Final Exam & Mini Project Submission
      - Syllabus (Lecture 6 to Lecture 10)



7. Mini Project:

            - Guideline: Students are advise to select a topic relevant to their profession.
            -  Report: 5 page report written in Ms Word, due on Last week
            - Report should contain - introduction to the problem, methodology, results,   

8. Software:

  • Protege -Ontology Editor

  • MySQL & PostGreSQL database

  • Netbean - Java Editors

9. Books:


1. Spinning the Semantic Web (MIT Press)
2. XML Metadata  (Wrox Publications)


1. OWL Specifications from World Wide Web Consortiums (W3C)



Last Updated: May 28, 2006