DSMHT 403: Climate Modelling and Adaptation

Semester: July-December 2016

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1. Instructor:

Dr. A.K.M. Saiful Islam

Institute of Water and Flood Management
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Gmail: saiful3@gmail.com
Phone: 880-2-9664640-44 PABX 7923


2. Class Hours:

 Tuesday  from 3:00p.m. to 5:00p.m, Room #323,Dept. of Disaster, Dhaka University

3. Syllabus:

  • 1. Introducing Climate Modeling, Types of Climate Models: Energy Balance Climate Model, One dimensional Radiative- convective Climate Model, and Dimensionally Constrained Climate model, General Circulation Models, Paleoclimatic Model, and Projections of Future Climate Change.

  • 2. Processes of Climatic Model Development, Sensitivity of Climate Model & Model Evaluation.

  • 3. Types of adaptation to climate change: anticipatory and reactive.

  • 4. Adaptation characteristics and processes: Components and Forms of adaptation, Climate Stimuli for Adaptation, Adaptation Types and Forms, Systems, Scales, and Actor, Processes and Evaluation of Adaptation

  • 5. Technologies & Options for Adaptation: adaptation in coastal zones, adaptation technologies for water supplies, adaptation options for agriculture, adaptation options for health, infrastructure technologies for adaptation

  • 6. Adaptive Capacity and its Determinants: Economic Resources, Technologies, Information and skills, Infrastructure, Institution, Equity. Enhancing Adaptive Capacity.

  • 7. Climate Change Adaptation Options in Bangladesh, NAPA, Endowed Knowledge Inclusion in Adaptation.

5. Grading Policy (subject to change):

  • Class Assessment and Term Paper =25%

  • Attendance = 5% 

  • Final Exam = 70%

7. Lecture Topics:

9. Term Paper:

  •  Guideline: Students are advise to select a topic relevant to their profession.

  • Report: 10 page report written in Ms Word, due on Last week. Report should contain - introduction to the problem, methodology, results, conclusion.

  • Presentation: Each group will present their study at the end of the semester

Topics of Term Papers

  • Group-1: Impact of Sea level rise in Bangladesh
  • Group-2: Climate Change and Vector Born Diseases: The Inter-relationship
  • Group-3: Climatic Risks on Drought Prone Areas of Bangladesh
  • Group-4:Cyclone and Storm Surge: Inundation due to Climate Change
  • Group-5:Climate Change and Water Resource Management for the Coastal Zone
  • Group-6:Impact of Groundwater Hydrology due to climate change affecting Bangladesh
  • Group-7: Water Resources Management in the upstream area of Bangladesh
  • Group-8: Landslide Hazards and climate change in Bangladesh
  • Group-9: An overview of climate impacts and institutional arrangements in Bangladesh
  • Group-10: Salinity Intrusion in Coastal Region of Bangladesh due to Climate Change
  • Group-11: Climate Change and Cyclones in Bangladesh Context
  • Group-12: River bank erosion in Bangladesh
  • Group-13: Saline water intrusion in coastal aquifers of Bangladesh
  • Group-14:Flood and flood management in Bangladesh

10. Software:


Advance (optional)


9. References:

  • No text book; Reading materials will be suggested in the class.

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