WFM 5201: Data Management and Statistical Analysis


Semester: April 2008

1. Instructor:

Akm Saiful Islam
Assistant Professor, IWFM, BUET
Phone: 880-2-9664640~44 Ext 7923

2. Class Hours:

  Monday (subject to change)  4:25p.m. - 5:50p.m.  (Ground Floor, IWFM)

3. Office Hours:

  Monday (subject to change)  4:00p.m. - 4:20p.m.  (Room 306-2,  IWFM)

4. Grading Policy (subject to change):

Mid Term  = 25%  Final Exam = 45%  Database Project/Assignment =5% 
Assignment =20% Attendance =   5%

5. Course Content:

Data requirement for water resources development; Types and sources of data; Time series data; Database management; Exploratory data analysis; Homogeneity and stationarity of data; Descriptive statistics; Statistical interval, inference and hypothesis testing; Statistical sampling; Analysis of variance; Correlation and regression; Frequency analysis; Statistical software.

6. Syllabus of this part:

  • Descriptive statistics

  • Exploratory data analysis

  • Frequency analysis

  • Correlation and regression

  • Analysis of variance

  • Database management

7. Lecture Topics (subject to frequent update):


8. Mini Project:

-  Guideline: Topics related to database design will be announced in the class.
-  Report: 10 page report written in Microsoft Word, due on Last week.
-  Report should contain - introduction to the problem, methodology, results, conclusion.
-  Presentation: Each student will present their study at the end of the semester

10. Software: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SPSS

9. Books:

i. Haan C.T. (1977) Statistical Methods in Hydrology, The Iowa State University Press, Ames.

ii. Warren Viessman and Gary Lewis (2003) Introduction to Hydrology, Prentice Hall.

iii. Shahjahan Mondal (2005) Lecture Notes on Statistics and Probability for Master in Risk Analysis and Management  

iv. In addition, papers in different relevant journals (e.g. Water Resources Research, Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, Hydrological Science Journal etc.) would be required.

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  • Please submit all the assignments on or before last class
  • The date of final exam will be announced soon