A study has been carried out by CCST, BUET entitled, Institutional Strengthening of Climate Change Study Cell at BUET for Knowledge Generation and Human Resource Development funded by the Bangladesh Climate Change Trust (BCCT) of the Ministry of Environment and Forest of the Government of Bangladesh. This project has been started from June 2010 and completed by May 2013. The following ten major research components (along with the name of the respective the Principal Investigators) has been conducted by focusing climate change adaptations and mitigations for Bangladesh.

  • Component-1: Development of Flood Hazard and Risk Maps with Effect of Climate Change Scenario

-          Dr. Mozzammel Hoque, Professor, IWFM, BUET

  • Component-2: Change Review of Warning System for Climatic Disasters

-          Ms. Sonia Binte Murshed, Assistant Professor, IWFM, BUET

  • Component-3: Study on Residual Flow in the Bay of Bengal considering Future Climate Change Induced Hydro-meteorological Scenarios

-          Dr. Md. Asad Hussain, Associate Professor, IWFM, BUET

  • Component-4: Adaptation strategies of GO and NGOs combating climate change impacts: a study on perception of communities in the coastal areas

-          Dr. Ishrat Islam, Professor, Dept. of URP, BUET

  • Component-5: Impact of Climate Change in Bangladesh: A Multi-regional Input-Output Analysis

-          - Dr. Sarwar Jahan, Professor, Dept. of URP, BUET

  • Component-6: Improving Energy Efficiency and Emission Characteristics of Biomass Cooking Stoves by Incorporating Beneficial Aspects of Different Kilns

-          Md. Mominur Rahman, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engg., BUET

  • Component-7: Impact of Climate Induced Disaster on Gender

-          Dr. Sujit Kumar Bala, Professor, IWFM, BUET

  • Component-8: A Techno-Economic Assessment of Algae Bio-Fuel Production in Bangladesh

-          Dr. Noor Al Quddus, Associate Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engg., BUET

  • Component-9: Importance of Green Chemistry in the Synthesis of Nanomaterials, Supramolecules and Heterocyclic Compounds through Metal Mediated Reactions

-          Professor Dr. Md. Wahab Khan, Dept. of Chemistry, BUET

  • Component-10: Promotion of Zero/Low energy Built environment concept and practice by establishing a Multidisciplinary Centre: for knowledge generation and dissemination, through planning, design and development using Low Energy Sustainable methods for creating Built Environment

-          Shamim Ara Hassan, Associate Professor, Dept. of Architecture, BUET

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