Climate Change Modeling for Impact Studies

v  Regional Climate Change Modeling using PRECIS

  • A project was undertaken by Dr. Saiful Islam, Coordinator, CCSC entitled "Capacity Building on Climate Change Modelling" to build in-country capacity to model and predict climate change impacts using state of the art technologies. The specific objectives of this project are -

i. Set up a climate change modeling lab by procuring necessary hardware and software
ii. Build capacity to understand and simulate climate change models and scenarios.
iii. Develop capacity to analysis and interpret output from climate models.
iv. Create awareness about climate change risks and facilitate incorporation of climatic risks in development planning.

Met Office, UK is the collaborative partner of this project to provide and support training on regional climate modeling using PRECIS. International Development (DFID) of the UK provide financial support for this project starting from October 2009 till June 2010.

Details of this project can be found in Capacity Building on Climate Modeling Project web site .

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