The vision of the Climate Change Study Cell is to establish itself as the premier knowledge center on climate change risk and adaptation for Bangladesh.

  • To improve knowledge about climate change and associated risk to Bangladesh;
  • To increase awareness of the planners, policy makers about the effects of climate change;
  • To become institutional home for climate modeling and predicting future scenarios;
  • To strengthen capacity of professionals in climate change modeling; and
  • To share knowledge and expertise with other organizations.

Following list of activities has been proposed for this cell:

  • Research
  • Short courses
  • Workshop
  • Seminar
  • Advisory Services
  • Conference
  • Publications
  • Climate change Database
  • Dissemination of information through web


The Cell will develop a programme on the basis of the proposed activities. The approach will be as follows:
  • The programme fits in the context of Bangladesh
  • The programme draws on the strength of BUET
  • The programme runs sustainably in BUET with or without external support.

The Cell is proposed to be housed in an existing Institute, namely IWFM. The Cell will share IWFM resources thereby not requiring additional support from BUET. The programme will also not be limited by dependence on external support. External funding will be sought for supporting activities, which have already been identified in the programme of the Cell.


Climate Change Study Cell started its journey in 2007.It will cross several milestones, which are as follows:



Start offering short courses and training

end 2007

Equip and organize the cell as climate change modeling house

mid 2008

Start offering certificate course on climate change science

end 2008


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